End of Term One Folio “Show and Tell” (work in progress)

2007-03-20 — posted by at 02:46

The following is a list of times for the 1st Year “informal” folio review to be held during the last week of term one.

Friday 30th March 11am

Group One Studio One Teachers Andrew / Kevin

Group Two AV room Teachers Marcus and Lara

Group Three Wednesday 28th March 11am 28th March AV Room Teachers Lara / Gayle

Group Four Thursday 29th March AV room Kevin / Sarah 2pm

Remember this is an informal “show and tell” where we want to get together and share what each student has shot recently. 3 to 4 images is enough. Black and white analogue 5″x7″ RC PRINTS Digital prints will not be shown at this stage. You will get the opportunity to use digital printers in term 2 after you have been shown how to print your digital image/ files correctly.

See you there

Kevin Marcus Andrew Sarah