2nd year Program for Wednesday 5th of March

2008-03-04 — posted by at 03:16

This Wednesday the 5th of March group 5&6 will meet in studio 2 at 9.30 for group meeting. At 10.30 fees are to be paid at the bursars office, following this will be Introduction to Colour at 11.00 am approximately.

THEN…… at 2.00pm we will be meeting at, ‘TRUST’ Chris Koller’s exhibition 137 Flinders Lane , upstairs (enter via Oliver lane) between Russell and Exhibition Sts.

“Koller’s works exhale fresh vigour and energy back into the photographic portrait, moving beyond the traditional well-lit description of the sitter’s features. The subjects are either well-known figures in the Melbourne culture circuit or emerging practitioners for divergent backgrounds including the visual arts, craft, film, dance and music. Individuals represented include Elizabth Presa, Janina Green, Brendan Lee, Andy Mac, Morry Schwartz and Meredith Turnbull, to mention but a few.”