PIC Student No Parking Zones

2008-08-08 — posted by at 06:01

We’ve been asked to ensure that we all leave space for HSC students to play basketball on their courts and park in the designated PIC student car parking areas.

It seems that everyone wants to park closer to the stairs near the HSC gym to save themselves walking an extra 20m and as a result that whole section has been filled with students’ cars. We’re not allowed to park there.

We’re also not allowed to park in the middle section to the left side of a yellow line (when viewing from pic building) next to the basketball rings. This area is also designated as a HSC basketball court area. We are allowed to park to the right of the yellow line though and also in the far right section towards the cliff area.

Sounds confusing hey? It’s kind of hard to explain in text so I’ve made up some maps and stuck them up all over the place so check them out. If you’re still not sure, just come and ask.

Thanks everyone;

I’ve added a rough map to help.

burgess st east hawthorn - Google Maps
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