The Week Ahead

2009-02-16 — posted by at 01:34

This week is ‘O’ week. This means several things. Shorter days, for this week only, and a BBQ on Tuesday.

The ‘O’ week timetable was handed out on enrollment day, if you need another email me and ‘ll send you one electronically.

All are welcome to the BBQ, free sausages and bread, and soft drinks. The BBQ will be from 12:30 onwards.

Next week will see us undertake an excursion, to the Botanical gardens, followed by, you guessed it another BBQ. Meet at the coffee shop near the lake.

11:00 Meet at the coffee shop by the lake, for last minute instructions and issuing of film if needed. A ‘brief will be handed out/set on the day and the work will form part of a folio. Shoot in the gardens until 1:30.

1:30 Meet at the BBQ’s near the corner of Alexander Ave and Anderson St. to get to know your fellow students, oh and the staff.

As an extra, for those with flickr accounts, you may like to consider uploading to flickr and tagging with either, picdayout09, or upcoming:event=1808516, also you might like to consider creating an album on face book, and sharing it with the pic group.