Important; AND interesting upcoming shows

2009-08-03 — posted by at 01:10

Stuart here. Yes folks I am back. Looking forward to hearing your stories of creative adventure you’ve undertaken while I was gone.

Here are some shows I think yo should see next week.

Liu Xiao Xian: From East to West

One of the most compelling contemporary Chinese Australian artists, Liu Xiao Xian explores the nuances between East and West with playfulness and wit, revealing some profound differences as well as shared concerns and values. Born in China and raised during the Cultural Revolution, Liu Xiao Xian left Beijing for Sydney after the Tiananmen Square Massacre. On this twentieth anniversary of Tiananmen, it is fitting that RMIT Gallery is focusing on his photographs and sculptures which explore the subtleties of his diasporic experiences. The exhibition will include chess sets that incorporate Australian indigenous animals and introduced species, large scale portraits of Buddha comprised of images of Jesus, and stereographic images with Liu’s face superimposed that highlight the relative invisibility of Asians in Australian settler history.

New Scientist Eureka Science Photography Prize 2009

Curated and managed by the Australian Museum, this exhibition showcases the best twenty-five entries in the annual Eureka Prize for Science Photography, sponsored by New Scientist. The Prize is awarded for a single photograph that most effectively communicates an aspect of science, and is a significant component of the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes, Australia’s premier science awards. For this prize, the definition of science is a comprehensive one including the natural, physical, applied or life sciences (including agricultural sciences); environmental issues; biodiversity issues; flora and fauna; medicine; astronomy; information technology; technological innovation; engineering and health science; as well as work that addresses the social or economic consequences of science. The winners of the 2008 Prize were Phred Petersen (first); Steven Morton (second), Katrina Putker (third).

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