Notice This!

2009-08-31 — posted by at 05:15

Inkjet Printing

Demand will begin to rise on the inkjet printers as we enter the 3rd last week of the term, that’s right folks there are only three weeks left in this term, so now would be a good time to get your skates on. As we anticipate the increase in demand on inkjet printers, we will place booking sheets on the wall in the digital hub every Wednesday. Make sure you’re here to book and make sure you show on your allocated day/time, if you are 15 minutes late the printer is forfeited to the next person waiting.


Irene will be asking you to fill in some paper work in Pathways this week, this will speed the final making process for later on in the term, please show up and help, we actually need your signature of the paperwork if it is missing we will have difficulty processing your final results for 2009.

End of Year Exhibition

We need a volunteer to design the annual invite for the 2009 exhibition, if you are interested in either offering an image up for the invite or actually designing it, please see Kevin. URGENTLY

Student Prizes

In what is a first this year, we are planning on awarding acquisitive prizes for several styles and genres of work, the details are sketchy at the moment, but we think we will award prizes to 5 of the best pieces made this year, and the winners will be paid for their prints, which we will then keep. As I said details are yet to be nutted out but everyone will be in the running for these acquisitive prizes.

Finally, a Photography Exhibition

Both Ian Potter and the NGVI Are running photography shows at the moment. Ian Potter has, an exhibition entitled, Long Distance Vision, that…

examines the idea of the ‘tourist gaze’ and its relationship with three contemporary Australian photographers.

The NGVI has a show that looks at photographs

that depict space travel, seen in archival images from NASA, space allegories, and altered perceptions of reality inspired by ideas of science and space. These photographs also show a fascination with light, as both the means and the subject of the image.