The light at the end of the tunnel

2009-08-17 — posted by at 06:52

Folio Excursion

Group 1 & 3, folio this week will be at C.C.P., meet there at 11:15

All Students

There are 5 weeks left of this term, that equals 5 darkroom days 5 days to process film or work in the digital lab, next term there are 3 weeks of time to prepare for the final exhibition and have all your work marked off. We still need to show yo how to start print finishng, or at least think about how you wanted you folio to be presented. You are advised to consult with as many staff as often as you can to make sure all is on track frm n ow till the end of Classes in November.

Exclusive Student Offer

Nikon offers huge discounts to students until,13th, December, 2009.


Agreat networking oppurtunity is upon us, the Ballarat International Foto-Biennale opens soon, check their website for more information.