The Equipment Store Room and Library

2011-03-08 — posted by at 02:06

The store is now open for borrowing during the following opening hours:

9.15-9.30am – before classes, perfect for returning equipment from the day before
10.30-10.45am – 1st half of the morning tea break
12.30-1pm – 1st half of lunch
3.30-3.45pm – straight after the last class has finished for the day

Please be organised as these hours are strict and equipment is unavailable outside of these times so please don’t come and ask!

If the store is closed and you need any of the following items then please come to the office for these supplies: negative sleeves, film extractors and scanner accessories.

At this stage only Pentax K1000s and tripods are available for first years to borrow.
All equipment is to be checked to ensure that all of the kits’ contents are there and that the equipment is working. If you return the equipment with something missing then you are liable to replace it. The excuse that you didn’t check it won’t be accepted.

Please don’t leave equipment in your car as any equipment that is stolen from you is not covered by insurance and you will have to replace it.

The library is open at any time that a staff member is in the office. You can borrow up to 3 books for a week (as long as they aren’t in demand because of an assignment). There are some fantastic books in here so please come and sit down on the couch and check them out. If you need some inspiration for you shooting this is the perfect place to come. We also have some really cool stuff on DVD that you can borrow. These include documentaries on photographers and some all time awesome movies.