2011-06-02 — posted by at 06:18

Info for BSG exhibition

When writing the size of your work, either place the size (in cm) of the image if you are selling it as is without the frame, or place the size (in cm) of the frame if you are selling the image as a whole with the frame.

Final works must be submitted to the college on Tuesday the 7th of June! on the back of each of your works you must have one of the labels attached stating;

  • Your name
  • Title
  • Medium
  • Size in cm
  • Price

This is all very important as we can only identify your work as yours and apply the correct label if you have a copy of the label attached to the back of your work.

Please co – operate as this will only come together if everyone pulls their own weight. Also today is the last day for handing in your labels so that they get printed in time. you have till 5 pm!If you have any queries please email jessicaapap @ live . com . au