About PIC

Located in Preston, Melbourne, we offer affordable photography courses designed to get you into the photographic industry.

The qualifications we offer are, CUA41115 Certificate IV in Photography and Photo Imaging which leads into the CUA50915 Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging. These nationally accredited and industry recognised photographic courses are offered full time over four contact days per week and commence in February of each year.


Our course is a full time course which has a minimum of 20 hours contact per week for approximately 40 weeks of the year. You are expected to contribute an equivalent amount of your own time in research and other areas of study such as location shoots etc.

Our classes are made up of on campus lectures, practical tutorials, workshops, guest industry speakers, excursions to galleries and location shoots. The classes are lead by our team of experienced and enthusiastic teachers/photographers/photo-artists.

Our graduates have moved into many photographic and art-related industries, such as: running their own photography businesses, commercial Photography, photographic sales (retail and wholesale), commercial photography labs, photographic studio assistants photo-artists, & media artists.

CUA41115 Certificate IV in Photography and Photo imaging

The CUA41115 Certificate IV in Photography and Photo Imaging is a comprehensive progression through the acquisition of basic skills from analogue film photography to a fully professional understanding of photography and digital imaging. The course provides students with conceptual and visual development to expand your portfolio gain a tertiary place or a job in the industry. The year culminates in a professional exhibition which enables you to publicly display the best of your portfolio.

CUA50915 Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging

CUA50915 Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging will provide you with new technical skills to operate a vast array of professional photo studio, colour analogue darkroom and camera equipment. You will become skilled in the use of medium and large format film cameras and in our professional photographic studios you will learn to use artificial light and flash to produce the highest quality photographic images. As well as mastering analogue colour processing and printing of your own photographs, you will use industry standard photo imaging software.


Certificate III in Visual Arts (photography based) Thursday & Friday. The CLICK course contains the following subjects, ‘Emulsions’, ‘Pixels’, ‘Expressions’ and ‘Light’. Covering diverse areas such as digital camera controls, software processing, studio lighting and analogue process. Apply directly to the college.


62 Murray road, Preston Victoria

The staff

Irene AlesSandro

Program Manager

Irene is a multi-media artist, who uses a variety of tools to explore contemporary image making in the 21st  century. She enjoys engaging with students daily to expand on their knowledge and appreciation of photography in all its forms.

Marcus Newman

Photography Trainer/Assessor

Marcus Newman has been working as a media artist for six years mainly in the fields of digital photography and experimental audio. He has participated in photographic exhibitions at the Glen Eira Town Hall, Preview Gallery, First Site @ RMIT and 69 Smith St. He was also profiled on the Triple J arts program Artery for experimental music in 2002.

“As a student of PIC in 2000, and now a full time staff member, I have been able to experience the full gamut that PIC has to offer. Pic offers an intimate learning environment based around the fundamental basics of photography. PIC is only the beginning of a students journey towards further education or gaining employment in the worldwide photography industry.”

Stuart Murdoch

Photography Trainer/Assessor

Whilst working here at PIC he has had the pleasure of working with hundreds of students whose passion is photography. He says;

“It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to watch students grow and blossom in their chosen interest of photography, whilst studying with us. The size of the course means there is an atmosphere of mutual respect — which in turn allows for individual attention for all students, thus adding to the quality of the experience each student enjoys whilst studying here — providing them with an outstanding educational experience.”

Stuart is also greatly enamoured by the state of the internet and it’s ability to share and spread ideas. He has had a personal website, since around 2000, and a blog since 2004. He now uses the internet to publish his photographic work in a variety of formats using a variety of tools some of which include 35mm 120 and 5×4 film and his smart phone, processing and printing.

Ali McCann

Photography Trainer/Assessor

Marina Lamari

Photography Trainer/Assessor

PIC Policies

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