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APPLYING FOR Photography Studies in 2019?

Call the college on (03) 9478 5816 to arrange for an application form to be sent out and to organise an interview.


Essential pre-requisites

Apply through VTAC

You must be a permanent resident of Australia, or if born overseas, you must provide permanent visa documentation. You must have completed VCE or equivalent. [VTAC Course Code 9500189514 ]
 You must apply through VTAC.
When you apply, you must attend a folio based interview. We don’t base entry on your ATAR score, we look at your folio of photographic based work and any other supporting material. We want to see that you’re passionate about photography. We need to see that you’re motivated to take your journey with photography to the next level.

How to apply


  1. Create a VTAC account and apply to study here at PIC, PIC’s course code is, 9500189514
  2. Call the college, 03 9478 5816, ask for an application form
  3. Complete and mail the PIC application form back to us as soon as possible
  4. Attend your scheduled interview. Interviews can be scheduled from July to mid-January.

Please ensure that you don’t miss any of the important steps above otherwise your application may not be successful. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.


Email the college [admin @ pic .org. au], or call 03 94785816
Download and e-mail the completed 2019 pic application form:

PIC c/o N.C.A.T.,

62 Murray Road

Preston, 3072