Nick Chiarizia – Olive Cotton Award Finalist

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Rubin re scan009

PIC Student Nick Chiarizia was a finalist for the Olive Cotton Portraiture award 2015, Born in 1953 Melbourne based artist Nick Chiarizia is currently studying towards his Diploma of Photo Imaging at PIC. His Image “Victor Rubin” was selected to be apart of Olive Cotton Award exhibition. His portrait was of Artist Victor Rubin in his Art studio, below is the Artist statement submitted alongside the portrait:

Victor Rubin: Australian Artist and Painter

Born in Sydney in 1950, Rubin a visual artist began studying at John Olsen’s Bakery Art School at age 17 before moving on to the National Art School, NSW and later, became Artist in Residence, Cite Internationale Des Arts, Paris. In his early years, influences were German expressionism and artists like Van Gogh as well as echoes of Soutine and Picasso through his association with the Yellow House in Sydney. By early 1970’s the influences of Olsen, John Perceval, Sidney Nolan, Arthur Boyd and others associated with Heide Park were embraced by Rubin, as he developed his own inventive and distinctive style.


In 2010, Rubin painted John Olsen (his mentor and close friend) who suggested he be painted in a bath for the Archibald Prize. Rubin experimented with different versions on canvas before arriving at the final composition that showed a hint of Rembrandt and Van Gogh painted in the French tradition that led to the position of runner-up for first prize.


During the last four decades of Rubin’s career, he has had over 50 solo (as well as many more group) exhibitions. He is represented in all major state and federal galleries, and many regional galleries in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. Many major corporations in Australia hold a private collection of his work and he is also represented overseas in the Museum of Fine Art in Taipei, Auckland City Gallery and private collections in Europe and America. The late Patrick White and Miles Davis also hold a collection of Rubin’s work. Without doubt Victor Rubin, as earned his place amongst Australia’s most distinguished and revered artist painters.


My photograph of Victor Rubin was captured on medium format black and white film during a sunny afternoon (late spring 2015) in his Collingwood studio while surrounded by a selection of his paintings and assemblages.


Nathan Coote – Photojournalism

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PIC student Nathan Coote has successfully had work published via the New zulu news website, photographing and documenting two protests for the website, Nathan is a 20 year old Photographer from Prahran, Melbourne, Australia. currently studying at Photographic Imaging College ( PIC) shooting in both Digital & Analog Process. Ranging from different areas of photography but mostly focusing on Documentation, Infrastructure and portraits. Please follow the links below to view Nathan’s Work on New Zulu and other events Nathan has shot:

Rail, Tram & Bus union at the Flinders St Station – http://www.newzulu.com.au/en/photos/australia/2015-08-21/11810/melbourne-transport-workers-rally-for-fair-deal.html#f=0/126471

and in Bendigo: Rival Protest Groups Rally over Controversial Mosque – http://www.newzulu.com.au/en/photos/australia/2015-08-29/11926/bendigo-rival-protest-groups-rally-over.html#f=0/127842





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Come along to the PIC OPEN DAY on the 15th September 2pm-6pm.


Julia Margaret Cameron at the Gallery of NSW

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Photographs that… electrify you with delight and startle the world.

– Julia Margaret Cameron

A pioneer of photographic portraiture, Julia Margaret Cameron remains one of the most influential and innovative photographers of the 19th century.

Using the camera to convey both tenderness and strength, Cameron introduced an emotive sensibility to early photographic portraiture. At the time, her work was controversial and her unconventional techniques attracted both praise and criticism.

Drawn from the extensive collection of London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, the exhibition features over 100 photographs that trace Cameron’s early ambition and mastery of the medium. A series of letters will also be on display, along with select photographs sourced from Australian institutions.

This year marks the bicentenary of Cameron’s birth and 150 years since her first exhibition was held at the South Kensington Museum (now the Victoria and Albert Museum).

Source: http://www.artgallery.nsw.gov.au/exhibitions/julia-margaret-cameron/