A Reminder; ‘Presentation Night’

2009-11-23 — posted by at 00:17

Again; just a reminder that Presentation Night will be held at pic on Tuesday the 1st of December from 6:00pm onwards. All certificates, diplomas, transcripts of results and prizes will be presented. There will be food and drinks, a bbq, and some punch, to celebrate the completion of a wonderful year and to farewell the 2nd year students.

Please note that to receive your results, all outstanding equipment must be returned, and any outstanding balances on materials fees must be paid.

We still have some un-collected exhibition work here, so please come and collect this asap.

Work Experience

A former student has sent in this request, for an assistant to help with a wedding.

I am after an assistant for a wedding shoot on the 6th of December. The work, will be roughly from around 1pm till 11pm exact times to be confirmed later.

I’m looking for someone who is strong enough to help me carry gear around like a 10 kg battery and a light for some location shooting.

They will also need to be familiar with a digital SLR and flash (but not such a big deal, I can show them the basics), if they don’t have one I will be able to lend them one, for when I need them to shoot. This will mainly consist of going around to each table and getting a group photo of everyone at the table (they need to be cool with telling half the table to get up and stand behind the other half). Also I might need them to take some shots during the reception.

I will also need them to download memory cards during the wedding onto a laptop.

If there is any down time I encourage them to shoot for themselves for folio and stuff, but that is their call.

So… if you want to clock up some work experience working on a wedding, contact Ben, ben@benweinsteinphotography.com


Presentation Night

2009-11-19 — posted by at 01:26

The final event of the year is upon us; PRESENTATION NIGHT!

Things kick off at 6:00pm, there will be a sausage sizzle and free alcoholic punch, the staff will present your certificates of attainment, [and other awards] and there will be other fun and frivolity.

SO DON’T BE A SQUARE. Let’s see you all from 6:00pm onwards, on Tuesday the 1st of December


A request?

2009-11-18 — posted by at 04:59

As we are nearing the end of the year, we begin to interview, the new fresh faces for next year, we also clean paint, and prepare the facilities for another year of use.

We are hoping some of you are prepared to donate some time to helping out around the place, particularly with student tours. If you your are interested in helping out in any way shape or form, e-mail, Jane, or myself [Stuart]. with your contact details, so we can get in touch and organise times and dates. After all we know it is a busy time of year for you all, and we want to help you work out your own schedules for the lead up to the annual Madness of X-mas and New Year, there may even be some rewards for those who contribute.


Sunday 15th of November

2009-11-13 — posted by at 04:14

Ok folks; many hands make light work so can we have as many people as possible at Glen Eira Arts Complex from 5:00pm on, to take down the exhibition.

If you delivered the work yourself due to its size or construction; you pick it up, PIC is not responsible for these large pieces, so please make your own arrangements to take the work away AFTER 5:00pm, but BEFORE 7:00pm.



2009-11-09 — posted by at 01:21

Exhibition 2009

Well done to all the students; a great show with plenty of good feedback and some sales even.


We will, over the coming weeks, begin to erase the computers ready for next year, please have any saved work removed from ALL computers by, Monday the 23rd of November.

Upcoming Events

Keep checking back here for updates on the remaining events for 2009. The year is not completely over for you all yet!


Exhibition work deadline 4pm TODAY

2009-10-29 — posted by at 22:42

Just a reminder that the deadline for exhibition work is 4pm TODAY, Fri 30th Oct.

If your work is not in the white room by 4pm today it will not be accepted into the exhibition.



The PIC Workshop Exhibition

2009-10-05 — posted by at 00:12

The Workshop exhibition is now going to be held on the 18th of October to the 1st of November, so there will be a meeting this Wednesday the 7th at 12.30 in the white room. All those contributing need to attend the meeting, or please let Irene know how many images you are putting in and what sizes.

So those of you who have expressed an interest in exhibiting at the workshop, it’s time to start thinking seriously about the space and what work you want to exhibit.

So see you Wednesday the 7th at 12.30


Enrichment Year Student’s Exhibition

2009-09-16 — posted by at 00:40


intimacy through the lens
selected works by:

  • anthony bossong
  • leigh crow
  • jenna halliday
  • livia milazzo
  • jorja murphy
  • simone nindarra
  • andy nguyen
  • brenda young

On behalf of all artists, we warmly invite you to attend the opening of our exhibition wherein the exploration of intimacy is the essence, amongst a collection of varied interpretations of the concept.

Exhibition runs from october 2-15

Friday, October 2, 2009
Opening night: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Location: The Highway Gallery,
14 The Highway Mount Waverley, Australia.



Must See Exhibition

2009-09-07 — posted by at 02:32

Long Distance Vision:
Three Australian Photographers

28 August – 21 February 2010
Gallery 11, Level 2
*Access via Joseph Brown Collection
Admission free

This exhibition examines the idea of the ‘tourist gaze’ and its relationship with three contemporary Australian photographers.

Since the mid-nineteenth century, tourism and photography have concurrently developed and expanded. Writer John Urry described the importance of this relationship when he said, “The immensely expanding popularity of photography in the later nineteenth century indicates the importance of new forms of visual perception, and their role in structuring the tourist gaze that was emerging in this period.” Since that time photography has been a means by which people could discover the world through magazines, books, postcards and personal photographs.

From my own notes; here are some of my first impressions:-

Long Distance Vision

Christine Godden.

All typical modernist images in scale and subject matter, mostly feminine subject matter too, not sure where the tourist aspect comes in though as all the images have that typical Aussie light, perhaps the catalogue would more to offer?

Three prints, obviously printed on different paper much cooler than the rest? Intentional? Doubt it? Beautiful work nonetheless. ‘Krista on the float’ beautiful long tonal scale and despite the almost too easy graphical nature of the composition, just fits so well together. Very early POMO at one level but still somehow charming and elegant holding up well in this age of HUGE digital works a real pleasure to see. ‘Elena’s pillow’ 1974, almost looks silver. A pillow photographed on a shag pile carpet, not much else really. Just looks close to luminous as I’ve ever seen, in a print from some one othe than, LW, or Lobby. Just read the wall ‘blurb’ and I was pretty spot on except, it was all shot in the U.S. over a 6 year period. Almost makes me wanna break out the Metol and start printing! Awesome stuff!

The other 2 are very interesting as well. a real must see for 2009.

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