Group 2 & 4 Camera Assessment 2011

2011-08-01 — posted by at 05:37

Hi, Camera Assessment, is now due, I will bring a sheet to class with empty dates and times for people to slot themselves in for assessment.

The cutoff date for getting all your camera assignments assessed is for, group 4, 23rd August and for group 2, 24th of August.

Group 4, please make sure yo have images ready for more work on the CD cover assignment, this week in class, 2nd of August

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Food Stylist and Photographer Position

2011-07-31 — posted by at 23:51

Nutrition Australia is a not-for-profit, charity organisation that aims to ‘inspire healthy eating’ through a range of programs, publications and seminars. Nutrition Australia is seeking a photographer with experience and an interest in food photography and styling.

Nutrition Australia is currently working on a project to provide Supported Residential Services with a manual containing healthy food guidelines, nutrition advice and a recipe section with photographs. Supported Residential Services are facilities that provide accommodation and low-level personal care to people that can no longer live independently.

We are looking for someone who is an emerging or an established photographer who has food photography experience. Food styling experience would be an advantage. The role involves one full day photographing a number of meals (10-15) in Melbourne CBD, and then editing the photographs off-site. The final images would be required within four weeks.

The candidate will need to have their own equipment, and Nutrition Australia will require the copyright of the photographs.

The candidate will need to be available on a Monday, Thursday of Friday in late August.

To apply, please contact Melissa Colosimo, Senior Project Officer, Nutritional Australia Victoria on mcolosimo@nutritionaustralia.org or alternatively on 9650 5165.

Application closing date Friday 5 August.


Found USB

2011-06-08 — posted by at 05:41

Another USB has been handed in, it was found at the Berwick Inn Hotel, and just happens to have photographs taken for the Berwick Inn Hotel. An example can be seen above.

Come to the office to claim.Cheers,


Cinematographer wanted

2011-06-08 — posted by at 01:54

My name is Syed A K Albar – and I am a Film & TV Graduate Diploma student at the Victorian College of the Arts, and I am sort of looking for a cinematographer for my short film project that’s in the plans to be made late August this year.

It’s called “Birthday Boy”. It’s probably an unusual request but I am looking for someone with strong grounding in stills photography to sort of come on board this “adventure”. Because I had in mind to use varied formats to tell the story – with colour, black and white, stills, super 8mm and 16mm. Anyways, I thought finding someone within the stills photography discipline could provide something quite different and a unique look? Email: s.aalbar@gmail.com


Facebook Page

2011-06-08 — posted by at 01:42

PIC has it’s own facebook page, so you can check both here and facebook, now for any last minute updates

The sooner we get 25 likes, the sooner we will get our own unique address, so what are you waiting for? Get “liking


Photo Competition

2011-06-08 — posted by at 01:25

It’s run by the Australian Museum and they’re after photos of invertebrates (spineless creatures). Prize money is $600 worth of photographic equipment. We’ve got an extension tube you can borrow for macro digital photos to get close. And a complete analog set of macro photographic equipment for the Pentax k100’s here at school.

Go to: http://www.australianmuseum.net.au/Up-Close-Spineless-Competition-How-to-enter.



2011-06-02 — posted by at 06:18

Info for BSG exhibition

When writing the size of your work, either place the size (in cm) of the image if you are selling it as is without the frame, or place the size (in cm) of the frame if you are selling the image as a whole with the frame.

Final works must be submitted to the college on Tuesday the 7th of June! on the back of each of your works you must have one of the labels attached stating;

  • Your name
  • Title
  • Medium
  • Size in cm
  • Price

This is all very important as we can only identify your work as yours and apply the correct label if you have a copy of the label attached to the back of your work.

Please co – operate as this will only come together if everyone pulls their own weight. Also today is the last day for handing in your labels so that they get printed in time. you have till 5 pm!If you have any queries please email jessicaapap @ live . com . au


Band Photos Wanted

2011-06-01 — posted by at 05:02

My name is Lucy and I’m looking for a student photographer to shoot the cover band I’m in. We are all experienced musos who’ve recently come together to form an act for weddings and functions around Melbourne and the one thing we don’t have yet is a decent photo of all of us!

I wondered if you have any students who might be interested in using us as practice or for portfolios? Or if you could recommend anyone that might be able to help us out. We’re friendly, cooperative, very easy going and will be very willing to follow orders. Contact lucy-ivers@hotmail.com


Labels For Second Year Show

2011-05-31 — posted by at 04:02

There is an extension till Thursday 2nd June, 5pm for students to deliver their labels to the box outside the storeroom. The sheet to fill in includes information: Name, Title, Medium, Size in CM and Price. If you cannot make it in please email this information to jessicaapap@live.com.au


Digital Printing /Epsons

2011-05-25 — posted by at 07:30

From Thursday onwards there will be booking sheets available for people to book 1 hour blocks on all the Epson printers. These will be on the bench beside each printer. Please show up when you have booked failure to do so within 15 minutes of your chosen time means you relinquish your spot.

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