Uninstallation for 2012 Exhibition

2012-11-07 — posted by at 13:13

Hi, Students are reminded that they MUST collect their own work from the gallery. Students are to arrive no later than 4:00pm to do this.


Exhibition Preparations

2012-10-22 — posted by at 12:44

It’s that exciting time of the year again, where the exhibition is upon us. However; I want to stress the following.

Have your work ready ON TIME!! This means, at the college by this Friday 4:00pm.

Make sure your work is READY to HANG! This means, that if it is in a mount board, it must also be framed with clips and string if, you are not using mount board, it must have tabs ready for pinning to the wall.

It is always great to see the years hard work come to fruition, and we are looking forward to a great exhibition.


School Visit?

2012-08-21 — posted by at 13:47

If you missed open day on the 19th of August 2012, contact the college, to arrange a visit, we are open 5 days a week, and happy to show you around.


Publicity Shoot

2012-03-26 — posted by at 21:34

This week for second year students Gayle is organising a shoot for the VTAC publicity. She wants to turn the experience into a leaning session. So, if you are interested in being involved, from brain stroming to lighting and props or modeling even, see Gayle in the studio at 12:00 on Wednesday this week.


PIC Day out Information

2012-02-14 — posted by at 00:33

There is some fresh information about the pic day out excursion, have a look.


PIC Day Out 2012.

2012-02-10 — posted by at 00:51

Thursday 16th of February
This year we are meeting outside parliament station in ‘Parliament Park’, on the corner of Albert [which is the continuation of Lonsdale Street] and Spring street, 10:00. Across the road from Princess theatre.
The brief will be handed out there, and we shall convene afterwards at the Edinburgh gardens in Fitzroy, where your groups and timetables will be handed out.
Here is a downloadable pdf of the days activities and  briefs
Here is another pdf you can download print out to help locate us on the day.

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