Old Analogue equipment

2008-08-20 — posted by at 03:20

St. Kevin’s Senior School is regrettably abandoning its analogue photography processing room. They are attempting to find a good home for all the fantastic processing equipment.

For $700 o.n.o. you could suit your lab up with :

  • 7 x Axomat 5 Enlargers
  • 7 x Novex II Timers (new)
  • 10 – 15 x Developing Canisters
  • Roughly 15 x Assorted Ilford Paper Packets
  • Several Easels and other Misc equipment

Oh and if you want them we could throw in a couple of old slide projectors and maybe a torch song or two.

Contact: Ellen Benson (Art Technician) for more information 98324956