First Year Assessment

2011-09-05 — posted by at 04:09

Hi Assessment is continuing, Stuart is available to consult with on assessable items such as film and digital camera during the following times.
Tuesday 9:30-10:30, 1:30 -3:30
Wednesday, 11:00-12:30
Thursday 9:30 – 12:30

Come and see him to get work marked off, or follow up with any unfinished work. Some people for example have only shown me film no Proof sheets or other backup work. Digital camera assessment requires the actual files from the assignments as well as the proof sheets from the assignments.

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Group 2 & 4 Camera Assessment 2011

2011-08-01 — posted by at 05:37

Hi, Camera Assessment, is now due, I will bring a sheet to class with empty dates and times for people to slot themselves in for assessment.

The cutoff date for getting all your camera assignments assessed is for, group 4, 23rd August and for group 2, 24th of August.

Group 4, please make sure yo have images ready for more work on the CD cover assignment, this week in class, 2nd of August

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End of Year List

2010-11-15 — posted by at 02:53

Hi Folks as we wind down for the year, there are a couple of things we want to remind you about.

Firstly, presentation night, 6:00pm onwards at PIC, 1st of December, first years receive their statement of attainment, second years, if you successfully completed your diploma, you will receive it, otherwise a statement of attainment .

Secondly, please empty your lockers asap, lockers not empty by the end of the week of 3rd of December, will have the locks removed and the contents thrown out.


Presentation Night

2010-11-09 — posted by at 23:45

Presentation and awards night, is on the Wednesday the 1st of December, from 6:00pm onwards, food and drink supplied, at PIC.

We are also after some volunteers, so if you want some good karma for next year, come earlier and give us a hand.


Camera Assessment [First Year]

2010-05-18 — posted by at 23:35

A reminder!

Camera Assessment is an ongoing process. Kevin and Stuart, are available for assessment and consultation in the allocated time slots for their respective groups. In particular, group 1 and group 4, Wednesdays and Thursdays for Stuart. Please keep on top of having your work assessed, and make sure you are on track. Failure to have work assessed, may mean that your diploma will not be awarded.