Emerging Photographer Award

2013-03-26 — posted by at 10:03

Have a photographic project or idea you want to explore?

Try applying for the Emerging Photographer Fund, to have a chance at funding your idea further.

$15,000 will be awarded to emerging photographers through the Magnum Foundation! Deadline for submissions is May 5th, 2013.


Presentation Night

2010-11-09 — posted by at 23:45

Presentation and awards night, is on the Wednesday the 1st of December, from 6:00pm onwards, food and drink supplied, at PIC.

We are also after some volunteers, so if you want some good karma for next year, come earlier and give us a hand.


More Students Win Prizes

2010-08-04 — posted by at 10:38

Marissa Horton Currently, studying in the enrichment program has won an award at the CCP autumn Salon. Best Work on an Environmental Theme at the 2010 Kodak Salon at CCP. Congratulations Marissa

Check them out on the CCP website, Danielle Hobbs also a prizewinner this year is a former PIC student.

Anna is the Northern Territory recipient of the Qantas Foundation Encouragement of Australia Contemporary Art Award. This award was established to support emerging artist by providing an opportunity to travel. The award consists of $10,000 airfares and $4000 spending money.

Anna was a student in the late 1980’s at what was then Brighton Technical School.


Presentation Night 2008

2008-11-27 — posted by at 21:48

The photos from the 2008 presentation night are on flickr folks. Have a look at the slide show, I know some folks have uploaded to their face book accounts, if you want to, you can e-mail the link from your facebook album of the night and I’ll link to it here.