Group 2 & 4 Camera Assessment 2011

2011-08-01 — posted by at 05:37

Hi, Camera Assessment, is now due, I will bring a sheet to class with empty dates and times for people to slot themselves in for assessment.

The cutoff date for getting all your camera assignments assessed is for, group 4, 23rd August and for group 2, 24th of August.

Group 4, please make sure yo have images ready for more work on the CD cover assignment, this week in class, 2nd of August

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Attention All Camera Users

2011-05-16 — posted by at 05:34

This is the most important website ever built. Use this and understand it and you will be not only a better photographer, but a better person all round.


What is it you ask, why it’s a camera simulator, allowing you hours of fun playing with camera controls and coming to terms with how a camera works!


Camera Class

2011-05-02 — posted by at 07:44

A reminder to all in 1st year this week; please bring your cameras to camera class.

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Break a few rules

2011-01-30 — posted by at 09:14

An interesting comment on hardware, and equipment by some of Japan’s most renowned photographers.