Head On Mobile Prize 2014 – Call for Submissions

2014-03-05 — posted by at 07:05

This year, mobile photography takes centre stage with the launch of the inaugural Head On Mobile Prize 2014. The Mobile Prize is an open call for quality mobile photography from around the world. The three winners will share in $8,000 in prizes. Finalists will have their work printed and exhibited at the festival.

MPN is happy to be partnering with Head On again, with co-founder Misho Baranovic working with the Head On team on the curation of the show.

Judges this year are Associate Editor for British Journal of Photography Olivier Laurent, award winning New York based photographer Benjamin Lowy, Photo Editor Fairfax Media James Cottam and Head On Photo Festival Director Moshe Rosenzveig.

More information about the Mobile Prize, including submission deadlines and fee can be found on our blog at:


We’re also happy to answer any questions you have about the prize. We look forward to seeing your submissions.

Kind regards,

Misho Baranovic and Oliver Lang
Mobile Photo Network


Tuesday Classes

2013-02-17 — posted by at 08:14

We hope you all had a great time on the “Pic Day Out” and look forward to seeing your pictures and hearing your stories from the day. You all have your timetables and know that classes commence at 9:30. A map of the facility will be posted some time on Monday, for all the new students to orient themselves. We’re pumped and excited and looking forward to an exciting full of great pictures and plenty of fun.


Wednesday the 4th of September.

2012-09-04 — posted by at 09:27

The College will be open, but with a skeleton staff, continue with your work.


Networking Oppurtunities

2009-02-19 — posted by at 20:47

Workshop & Competition


Here’s a chance to network with Professionals in the industry.


“A one day seminar about portraiture not to be missed by anyone who photographs people – professionals and non-professionals alike.

Learn the secrets to creating great work and getting it published from some of Australia’s foremost commercial photographers and photojournalists.”

More info?


CALL FOR ENTRIES 2009 DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION – Sunday 11pm (EDT), 22 March 2009

Head on Foundation invites photographers to submit images to the 2009 photographic portrait competition.

Prizes will be awarded for the best 3 images. The selection of images will be made anonymously based on the power of the photograph rather than the celebrity of the subject or photographer. Further prizes will be awarded to images selected for ‘The Critic’s Prize’ and for ‘People’s Choice’.

Finalists’ work and winners will be selected by Magnum photographer Trent Parke, Award winning Photographer Narelle Autio, Good Weekend picture editor Judith Love and Head On curator Moshe Rosenzveig. The ‘Critic’s Prize’ will be selected by the Sydney Morning Herald photography critic Robert McFarlane.

Total value of prizes is approximately $37,000.

Head on over to the site for the full scoop.


Film & Print Processing & OH&S

2009-02-17 — posted by at 21:17

Hi 1st years, welcome, it was good to meet so many of you this week. As we are spending the rest of ‘O’ week processing our films, please be reminded that you MUST pay heed to the following O H & S issues

  • NO open toed shoes
  • You must wear Rubber Gloves
  • You must wear a protective jacket or coat
  • A hand towel is handy

More details will be given in the theory session before processing your films, we will even provide gloves on the day, but you must purchase the other items and use them at all times in the appropriate areas.

Read our entire OH&S policy.



2009-02-10 — posted by at 21:44

If you still require a timetable. I have added an automatic link to the right that allows you to simply click, and, send an e-mail, all formatted ready to go.

timetable link
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

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Timetable 2009

2009-02-04 — posted by at 18:38

If you would like a copy of the 2009 timetable to print out. Send me, an e-mail with the subject heading, Time Table 2009, my e-mail address is stuart @ pic . org . au, [remove the spaces].

I will then, reply with the timetable as a pdf attached to your e-mail.


Pro Flash Gear for Sale

2009-01-27 — posted by at 02:58

Gazi, a former student and professional running his own studio is selling some flash/studio gear.

Download, his pdf, flyer and see what you think. Contact Gazi directly if you are interested.


Help Needed

2008-11-27 — posted by at 10:32

I’m sure this was mentioned at presentation night, but I’ll put it out there again.

If you have a few hours to spare and want to help out around the place, with student tours or other stuff, drop in. If you would prefer, you could help in other areas, such as a maintenance and cleaning. Either way don’t be strangers pop in and say HI!

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