Study Photography with PIC, with VTAC’s Supplementary offers?

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If you have decided to participate in the 2017 supplementary offer rounds with VTAC and want to study Photography full time with us this year? We can be emailed for more details at admin@pic.org.au, or can get more information at http://pic.org.au/supplementary-offers/ or http://pic.org.au/about
Alternatively you can even ring the offer number on 03 9478 5816, and leave a message as the office doesn’t open until the 23rd of January.


Tuesday Classes

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We hope you all had a great time on the “Pic Day Out” and look forward to seeing your pictures and hearing your stories from the day. You all have your timetables and know that classes commence at 9:30. A map of the facility will be posted some time on Monday, for all the new students to orient themselves. We’re pumped and excited and looking forward to an exciting full of great pictures and plenty of fun.


The light at the end of the tunnel

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Folio Excursion

Group 1 & 3, folio this week will be at C.C.P., meet there at 11:15

All Students

There are 5 weeks left of this term, that equals 5 darkroom days 5 days to process film or work in the digital lab, next term there are 3 weeks of time to prepare for the final exhibition and have all your work marked off. We still need to show yo how to start print finishng, or at least think about how you wanted you folio to be presented. You are advised to consult with as many staff as often as you can to make sure all is on track frm n ow till the end of Classes in November.

Exclusive Student Offer

Nikon offers huge discounts to students until,13th, December, 2009.


Agreat networking oppurtunity is upon us, the Ballarat International Foto-Biennale opens soon, check their website for more information.


Important; AND interesting upcoming shows

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Stuart here. Yes folks I am back. Looking forward to hearing your stories of creative adventure you’ve undertaken while I was gone.

Here are some shows I think yo should see next week.

Liu Xiao Xian: From East to West

One of the most compelling contemporary Chinese Australian artists, Liu Xiao Xian explores the nuances between East and West with playfulness and wit, revealing some profound differences as well as shared concerns and values. Born in China and raised during the Cultural Revolution, Liu Xiao Xian left Beijing for Sydney after the Tiananmen Square Massacre. On this twentieth anniversary of Tiananmen, it is fitting that RMIT Gallery is focusing on his photographs and sculptures which explore the subtleties of his diasporic experiences. The exhibition will include chess sets that incorporate Australian indigenous animals and introduced species, large scale portraits of Buddha comprised of images of Jesus, and stereographic images with Liu’s face superimposed that highlight the relative invisibility of Asians in Australian settler history.

New Scientist Eureka Science Photography Prize 2009

Curated and managed by the Australian Museum, this exhibition showcases the best twenty-five entries in the annual Eureka Prize for Science Photography, sponsored by New Scientist. The Prize is awarded for a single photograph that most effectively communicates an aspect of science, and is a significant component of the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes, Australia’s premier science awards. For this prize, the definition of science is a comprehensive one including the natural, physical, applied or life sciences (including agricultural sciences); environmental issues; biodiversity issues; flora and fauna; medicine; astronomy; information technology; technological innovation; engineering and health science; as well as work that addresses the social or economic consequences of science. The winners of the 2008 Prize were Phred Petersen (first); Steven Morton (second), Katrina Putker (third).

More info here


Networking Oppurtunities

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Workshop & Competition


Here’s a chance to network with Professionals in the industry.


“A one day seminar about portraiture not to be missed by anyone who photographs people – professionals and non-professionals alike.

Learn the secrets to creating great work and getting it published from some of Australia’s foremost commercial photographers and photojournalists.”

More info?


CALL FOR ENTRIES 2009 DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION – Sunday 11pm (EDT), 22 March 2009

Head on Foundation invites photographers to submit images to the 2009 photographic portrait competition.

Prizes will be awarded for the best 3 images. The selection of images will be made anonymously based on the power of the photograph rather than the celebrity of the subject or photographer. Further prizes will be awarded to images selected for ‘The Critic’s Prize’ and for ‘People’s Choice’.

Finalists’ work and winners will be selected by Magnum photographer Trent Parke, Award winning Photographer Narelle Autio, Good Weekend picture editor Judith Love and Head On curator Moshe Rosenzveig. The ‘Critic’s Prize’ will be selected by the Sydney Morning Herald photography critic Robert McFarlane.

Total value of prizes is approximately $37,000.

Head on over to the site for the full scoop.


Film & Print Processing & OH&S

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Hi 1st years, welcome, it was good to meet so many of you this week. As we are spending the rest of ‘O’ week processing our films, please be reminded that you MUST pay heed to the following O H & S issues

  • NO open toed shoes
  • You must wear Rubber Gloves
  • You must wear a protective jacket or coat
  • A hand towel is handy

More details will be given in the theory session before processing your films, we will even provide gloves on the day, but you must purchase the other items and use them at all times in the appropriate areas.

Read our entire OH&S policy.



2009-02-10 — posted by at 21:44

If you still require a timetable. I have added an automatic link to the right that allows you to simply click, and, send an e-mail, all formatted ready to go.

timetable link
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Cheap Adobe Software

Students can get up to 80% off the full retail price on brand-new versions of Adobe® Creative Suite® 4 Software. Save big on these end-to-end solutions for print, web, video, and mobile projects. More info


Pro Flash Gear for Sale

2009-01-27 — posted by at 02:58

Gazi, a former student and professional running his own studio is selling some flash/studio gear.

Download, his pdf, flyer and see what you think. Contact Gazi directly if you are interested.


Presentation Night 2008 Etc

2008-11-23 — posted by at 21:58

Awards, Ceremonies & Fun

Tuesday night is presentation awards night. Students will receive their statements of attainment. Things kick off at 6:00pm, with the formal part of the evening consisting of awards and prizes, then the main focus of the evening kicks in, part bbq part theatre. To find out come along polish your sense of humour and bring your appetite. Looking forward to seeing you all.

Studio for Hire

new studio for hire located at 21 Lincoln Street, Richmond, VIC 3121.

Our key feature is an eight-metre wide single wall cyclorama located within a 150 sq/m (15 x 10 m) studio space with a 5.5 metre high ceiling. General facilities include kitchen, makeup area and separate changing room.

If you’d like to view the studio, drop by for a little food and drink on our Industry Night- Thursday November 27th 2008 from 6:30-9pm. Alternatively, we welcome your call for all enquiries.

Studio Gear

i’ve been contacted by a retailer who has some 2nd hand studio stands and umbrellas they wish to sell. Umbrellas are $50 the Stands are $70.

I will give the details out as soon as I have more myself.

They have about 19 units in 36″ and 45″ with stands to sell off as only used once, in a retail display.

Student Exhibition

Mad dame, is having an exhibition, entitled ‘Suburban Mayhem’ at bsg [Brunswick St. Gallery, 322 Brunswick St. Fitzroy] The show opens 5.12.08 and runs to 18.12.08 Gallery hours are, Wed-Thurs 12:00-4:00, Fri-Sun 11:00-6:00. http://www.bsgart.com.auph, 0419 390 478

Jessica Illichmann-Show
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Chase Jarvis Blog: Chase Jarvis RAW: Kung Fu

2008-10-02 — posted by at 21:57

Good Commercial Photographer’s Blog

[This particular entry is about an ad campaign for RAW and Kung Fu, make sure you watch the video!]

Lot’s of special effects and pre and post production, notice how they actually photograph fire and the use of green screens, for various effects.