Student Contact Details

2013-10-07 — posted by at 12:56

Hi folks we are at the business end of the year here. Keeping in touch has never been more important. Email is one of several ways we do this, along with this blog and our facebook page. Please email the administration with your current email address, so we can keep our records up to date.


Contact Details

2013-02-22 — posted by at 07:49

Hi folks, to make sure you are kept up to date on all class issues, please inform the front office of any changes to your details  especially your email address. Email, the news page, facebook and twitter are how we communicate to you any last minute changes to things like excursions.  So; please keep your information relevant and up to date and check at least your email and one of the other forms of communication daily for updates.

[Update]We are still having problems with some emails bouncing so, you must check the blog as a minimum.