Equipment return and holiday hiring

2012-09-20 — posted by at 17:46

To avoid the banned list, return equipment by tomorrow!

The hiring of equipment for the holidays will happen on friday around lunchtime.

For digital cameras there is a booking sheet up outside the store. For all other equipment there will be raffle numbers to collect from the office friday morning.


Break a few rules

2011-01-30 — posted by at 09:14

An interesting comment on hardware, and equipment by some of Japan’s most renowned photographers.


Pro Flash Gear for Sale

2009-01-27 — posted by at 02:58

Gazi, a former student and professional running his own studio is selling some flash/studio gear.

Download, his pdf, flyer and see what you think. Contact Gazi directly if you are interested.


Old Analogue equipment

2008-08-20 — posted by at 03:20

St. Kevin’s Senior School is regrettably abandoning its analogue photography processing room. They are attempting to find a good home for all the fantastic processing equipment.

For $700 o.n.o. you could suit your lab up with :

  • 7 x Axomat 5 Enlargers
  • 7 x Novex II Timers (new)
  • 10 – 15 x Developing Canisters
  • Roughly 15 x Assorted Ilford Paper Packets
  • Several Easels and other Misc equipment

Oh and if you want them we could throw in a couple of old slide projectors and maybe a torch song or two.

Contact: Ellen Benson (Art Technician) for more information 98324956


How Canon Lenses Are Made

2007-05-27 — posted by at 20:30

An interesting link for you all this week, with thanks to Anton. Canon lens production, a virtual tour.


Check out the Photography Market this Sunday

2007-03-13 — posted by at 01:06

If you want to buy, sell, swap or trade your photography gear or pick up some cheap stuff head along to the Photography Market this Sunday, 18th March at the Camberwell Centre, 340 Camberwell Rd, Camberwell from 8am to 1pm and it costs $5 to get in.

While you’re in the area, check out the Camberwell Markets which is an excellent place to pick up props and nick nacks for shoots or pick up all sorts of cheap stuff. Also, check out Sainsbury’s Books on Riversdale Rd (just down from Safeway Petrol) as they’ve got a massive photography section and it’s very well priced.

See you there!