First Year Work in Progress Review 2011

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First Week Term Two 2011

First Year Work in Progress Review Thursday 28th April and Friday 29th April 2011

Content Three to Five images to be shown.

Images can be.

  • Hard copy digital or
  • Black and White analogue (darkroom) 5 x7 inch prints, or
  • Projected images (via Data Projector ) using a USB Memory Stick.

Each student will be allocated approx 10 min. We have a lot to get through so punctuality is very important.

Note: Class rolls will be maintained to monitor students’ attendance on both days

1. Thursday 28th April

Groups One and Two – White room Staff Ali / Stuart / Marcus

Groups Three and Four – Studio One Staff Gayle / Kevin / Irene

Start 9.30 sharp. Lunch 1pm We Finish at 4pm.

2. Friday 29th April

Groups One and Three – Studio One. Staff Gayle / Marcus

Groups Two and Four – White Room. Staff Kevin / Irene /

Start 9.30 sharp Lunch 1pm We Finish at 4pm.


First Day Back in Term 2 Wednesday 27th April No formal teaching will be delivered.

Staff will be rostered on as per the “Normal Wednesday Time Table“ and will be available to assist you with your preparations for your Work In Progress if required.


Spotting demo this Wednesday

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If you’ve got any spots, hair or dust marks on any of your fibre prints that need to be fixed for folio or exhibition pieces then come along to a spotting demo this Wednesday 13th Oct at 12.30 in the digital hub.

I’ll show you how to do it old school style.



Folio Review Week

2009-06-22 — posted by at 05:43

For those of you living under a rock, this week is folio review week.

See this posting from a few days ago about what is required and expected of you.

The times for each group have been posted up around pic since last week, if you need a copy of the review timetable, email me and I’ll send you one.


Motivation & Inspiration

2008-02-12 — posted by at 23:29

Here’s some stuff to get you up and running for the year.

Miscellanea Photogenica

PhotoSpace is pleased to present Miscellanea Photogenica salted paper prints by Ellie Young

Miscellanea Photogenica is homage to the father of photography, William Henry Fox Talbot (1800-1877). Drawn from the art, craft and science of photography the Ellie’s images are evocative yet quiet and wistful. Offering a timeless quality, reflecting the natural world though the exploration of texture, shape and design. The salted paper print was discovered in 1834 by Talbot and is still considered one of the most beautiful delicate hand crafted photographic print processes. Ellie has studied and explored the salt print extensively at many levels. Her work is held in public and private collections nationally and internationally including the State Library of Victoria.

Opening: Saturday 1st March 4pm – 7pm, by Assoc. Professor Gale Spring (RMIT University)
Exhibition duration: Wednesday 27th February to Saturday 22nd March

PhotoSpace is at 34 Dight St. Collingwood

Role Play Portrait Photography

25 October 2007 to 6 April 2008
Photography Gallery, Level 3
Admission free

Portrait photography is a complex and fascinating area of photographic practice that, at its heart, has a dynamic process of collaboration between the sitter, the viewer and the camera operator. In this exhibition, a provocative interchange between historical and contemporary photography has been created to suggest how photographers work to construct, question or reflect the notion of ‘role playing’.

Role Play contains three broad thematic groupings, namely allegorical portraiture (H.P Robinson, Julia Margaret Cameron, Cindy Sherman, William Wegman, Rose Farrell and George Parkin); portraits that either typecast or question social roles (August Sander, Edweard Muybridge, Anne Ferran); and theatrical photographs in which the sitter acts a role, (including G.B Poletto’s wardrobe photographs of Ava Gardner in On the Beach).


End of Term One Folio “Show and Tell” (work in progress)

2007-03-20 — posted by at 02:46

The following is a list of times for the 1st Year “informal” folio review to be held during the last week of term one.

Friday 30th March 11am

Group One Studio One Teachers Andrew / Kevin

Group Two AV room Teachers Marcus and Lara

Group Three Wednesday 28th March 11am 28th March AV Room Teachers Lara / Gayle

Group Four Thursday 29th March AV room Kevin / Sarah 2pm

Remember this is an informal “show and tell” where we want to get together and share what each student has shot recently. 3 to 4 images is enough. Black and white analogue 5″x7″ RC PRINTS Digital prints will not be shown at this stage. You will get the opportunity to use digital printers in term 2 after you have been shown how to print your digital image/ files correctly.

See you there

Kevin Marcus Andrew Sarah