End of Year Exhibition

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2016 photography exhibition invite

The invitation to the annual student exhibition

The annual photography exhibition of our all our students is about to open.

This year we are exhibiting at Fox Gallery and Studios at 8 Elizabeth Street, Kensington.The opening night is, Thursday the 3rd of November, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. The gallery hours are, Thursday, Friday, 11:0am to 6:00pm, Saturday, Sunday, 11:00am to 5:00pm.

photography students hanging exhibition work

Students hanging their work for the mid year exhibition easier this year

Want to learn how to create great work to exhibit, contact us to enrol in our 2017 course


BIFB 2015!

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The Ballarat International Foto Biennale (BIFB) is a month-long festival of contemporary Australian and international photography.

Held every two years in the beautiful and historic city of Ballarat, the BIFB presents two major exhibition programs. The BIFB Core Program is a curated exhibition of 20 leading photographic artists, while the BIFB Fringe Program is an open-entry presentation by more than 200 artists. Our exhibitions are staged in more than 80 venues across Ballarat, including historic buildings, cafes, galleries, and public spaces.

The BIFB continues to grow, contributing over $1.4m to the local community. So far, over 150,000 photography lovers have attended our exhibitions, workshops and events.

Exhibitions are complemented by an extensive program for photographers of all levels. This includes an integrated program of workshops, seminars, audio-visual projections, master classes, artist talks, portfolio reviews, and photographic competitions.

The 2015 edition of the festival will open on 22nd August and runs until 20th September 2015. We look forward to welcoming you.


Ex-Student’s Exhibition

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Kim Lawler

Kim Lawler, [a former pic student]
Between Lines
Tue 29 Sep 09 to Sat 10 Oct 09

gallery hours: Tue – Fri 11am to 5pm
Sat 12pm to 4pm


“Beyond romance or nostalgia, Lawler’s lucid visual studies reveal the aesthetic beauty of the stories being written and rewritten onto this responsive and at times fragile environment.” Amy Barclay, curator

Between Lines comprises a series of aerial photographs taken in the Kimberley, far north Western Australia. This remote area is embedded with stories of Indigenous and non-Indigenous inhabitants, transitory visitors and scarred by multinational companies resource development. The artist, Kim Lawler, is concerned with markings, both natural and constructed, that tell stories of places, transitions and interruptions that occur within the landscape.

Between Lines is informed by Lawler’s experience of living in these regions and local perspectives on the displacement of people and their consequential relationship to the land that has taken place. It is also informed by the opposing qualities of abandon and connection that occur as the stories within these landscapes continue to unfold.

fortyfive downstairs 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne 3000

Read more


Must See Exhibition

2009-09-07 — posted by at 02:32

Long Distance Vision:
Three Australian Photographers

28 August – 21 February 2010
Gallery 11, Level 2
*Access via Joseph Brown Collection
Admission free

This exhibition examines the idea of the ‘tourist gaze’ and its relationship with three contemporary Australian photographers.

Since the mid-nineteenth century, tourism and photography have concurrently developed and expanded. Writer John Urry described the importance of this relationship when he said, “The immensely expanding popularity of photography in the later nineteenth century indicates the importance of new forms of visual perception, and their role in structuring the tourist gaze that was emerging in this period.” Since that time photography has been a means by which people could discover the world through magazines, books, postcards and personal photographs.

From my own notes; here are some of my first impressions:-

Long Distance Vision

Christine Godden.

All typical modernist images in scale and subject matter, mostly feminine subject matter too, not sure where the tourist aspect comes in though as all the images have that typical Aussie light, perhaps the catalogue would more to offer?

Three prints, obviously printed on different paper much cooler than the rest? Intentional? Doubt it? Beautiful work nonetheless. ‘Krista on the float’ beautiful long tonal scale and despite the almost too easy graphical nature of the composition, just fits so well together. Very early POMO at one level but still somehow charming and elegant holding up well in this age of HUGE digital works a real pleasure to see. ‘Elena’s pillow’ 1974, almost looks silver. A pillow photographed on a shag pile carpet, not much else really. Just looks close to luminous as I’ve ever seen, in a print from some one othe than, LW, or Lobby. Just read the wall ‘blurb’ and I was pretty spot on except, it was all shot in the U.S. over a 6 year period. Almost makes me wanna break out the Metol and start printing! Awesome stuff!

The other 2 are very interesting as well. a real must see for 2009.


Sound and Image 2009

2009-07-24 — posted by at 01:25

It’s that time of year again, so round up all your friends and enjoy the presentation of Sound and Image 2009.


Materials Levy

2009-02-27 — posted by at 01:11

A reminder that Materials Levies are due on Tuesday for 1st years and Wednesday for 2nd years. Come down to the office to fill out a form and make your payment on the relevant day.

If you are paying by credit card come to the office today (Fri) and take a credit card payment form home so that the card holder can sign the form and you can return it on Tuesday.

If you are paying by cheque or money order please make the payment out to HAWTHORN SECONDARY COLLEGE – very important. For any cheques please get the account holder to put their name and contact phone number on the back of the cheque.

Please note that there are no eftpos facilities and we can only accept credit card (as mentioned forms have to be signed by the card holder), cheque, money order or cash only.



Student ID photos

2009-02-23 — posted by at 23:22

For those 1st year students who haven’t yet had their photo taken and those 2nd year students have new cooler hairstyles and want a new photo come on down to the 2nd yr studio today (Tues) or Wed between 12.30 and 1pm. And have your photograph taken for your student borrowing card.


Second Year’s Folio Excursion

2009-02-20 — posted by at 22:04

Zoom in to point B

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Here’s another version

ACCA - Google Maps
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Special Annoucement

2008-09-18 — posted by at 07:47

PIC, is going to be open for one day during the school holidays. Thursday the 2nd of October to be exact. The hours we will be open from are; 10 am to 4 pm. All areas will be open.

Marcus & Stuart, and possibly Irene will be on hand to help if needed.


End of Year Exhibition

2008-09-14 — posted by at 22:19

Yes folks, it’s that time of year, the end of year exhibition is not far away and we need to start organising things like invitations and publicity.

As part of that process we are asking for submissions for an image for the invitation.

We require high resolution files between 180 and 360 dpi, in RGB and no larger than 15 cm x 12 cm. We prefer photoshop files, but will accept tiffs and at a pinch we will accept jpegs.

Images are due this Friday, either put the image in the box outside the store, or email a small jpeg to stuart at pic dot org dot au.

The chosen image will be potentially used for all areas of advertising, you therefore need to have a model release form to allow us to publish the work, if it has a recognisable face in it.

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