Congrats to Daniel

2008-09-12 — posted by at 13:30

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Well done to Daniel for getting his mage published in a skating Mag.


Ex-Student Exhibition

2008-09-04 — posted by at 03:39

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A former student of ours is having an exhibition at R.M.I.T’s gallery, First Site.

Jess Redlich’s ‘Square’ is at R.M.I.T’s gallery located at 344 Swanston st. City
1st to the 11th of October, the opening night is the 30th of September.

On an unrelated note, the site pic.org.au has been tweaked again, I’m still after panoramic shots, though, for the top of every page, any takers?


Submissions Called for Polaroid Exhibition

2008-08-13 — posted by at 23:42

This just in, my inbox [from Photospace in Collingwood]

The spring exhibition program at PhotoSpace starts with an exhibition in September titled “In a Moment”.

This is an open entry exhibition of original work by artists who enjoy the unexpected quality and playfulness of instant film such as Polaroid or Fujifilm. If you would like to be involved in this exhibition please email the gallery asap.

Also during September Lynette Zeeng will be running a workshop at Gold Street studios in Polaroid transfer. For more information please visit www.goldstreetstudios.com.au or ring Ellie Young on (03) 5424-1835

‘In a Moment’ runs from 3 to 20 September 2008.Viewing hours: Wed to Sat 12 to 5pm, Sun to Tue by appointment

34 Dight Street, Collingwood
PO Box 1612, Collingwood VIC 3066

Contact details: Veronica Hodgkinson
T: (03) 9415-6139
E: info@photospace.net.au
W: www.photospace.net.au


Downloadable class Notes

2008-08-07 — posted by at 23:42

PIC's Noticeboard
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I have added a new section here on the blog down on the right, use this to get any class notes mentioned in class. I’ve quickly set this up this morning so over the coming days, more notes will migrate across.


Guest Speaker, ACMP, Wed 10am 16th July

2008-07-14 — posted by at 03:34

Wed 10am 16th July, a guest speaker from the ACMP, Australian Commercial Magazine Photographers is coming to talk about ‘Trampoline’.

Trampoline is a non-profit organisation committed to the development and promotion of professional photography. Trampoline was formed in 2003 as part of the ACMP (the Association of Australian Commercial & Media Photographers) and currently has committees based in both Sydney and Melbourne. Our aim is to bring together, inspire and educate emerging photographers through events, seminars, forums and competitions, specifically targeted towards students of photography, photographer’s assistants, emerging photographers and photo artists.

On July 24, 2008 we will be screening the 15 finalists for ACMP Projections ’08 in association with Sony. This is a competition we ran at the beginning of the year (now in it’s fifth year), which provides an excellent opportunity for students, assistants and emerging photographers and photo artists alike to gain exposure, raise their profile within the creative community and be recognised as the future of the photographic industry.

Trampoline would like to run a brief informal info session for students (lasting approximately 30 minutes) to explain what we are all about, screen the previous finalists entries of last years Projections competition, and to promote this years screening of which will be held @ ACMI. We would like to extend this invitation to all students of creative arts and design, not limited to just photography, in all year levels.

Photographic compettion

CITY Magazine is accepting submissions for CITY Magazines, City Life page.

For this page, we are looking for an image that a photographer has taken on his/her travels. This one image will sum up the city for the reader. It does not have to be a landmark, but it should portray how the photographer views said city.

I have included some examples of previous City Life Pages below. You can also go to city-magazine.com, click on E-Zine and check out past issues if you would like to see more examples. The current issue is $1 to view, but the past issues are all free.


Materials Levies Are Due Tuesday

2008-03-03 — posted by at 00:00

Materials Levies

Matrerials Levies are due on Tuesday, for 1st years and Wednesday for 2nd Years.

If you are paying by cheque, please make sure the cheque is made payable to HAWTHORN SECONDARY COLLEGE.On the back of the cheque, please add the following details, your name and contact details such as phone number.

If you are paying by credit card the credit card holder will need to sign the form. These forms have been handed out, but you can get one by seeing Jane or Virginia in the office.

More here, and on the pic site

Timetabling issues

The timetable is still in a slight state of flux, at a staffing level. So you may get to see some staff a lot, this is hopefully a good thing. Keep your eye on the whiteboard near the staff room, this is where the last minute changes occur.


PIC day out 28.02.08

2008-02-27 — posted by at 04:49

Google Maps-5
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Here’s a map for the meeting point tomorrow. That shows the start and end points. Meet at the start point at Federation Square, to receive a shot list/brief for the day. Make your way towards the river for a free BBQ, there will be sausages and vegie-burgers and bread and salad provided.

Walk away from the city, along the river once you cross the Swan St. Bridge, you are getting close. We will be around the Moral Bridge, near the corner of Anderson St. Melways, map 2G D11. There will be a sign up, so keep your eyes open.


The 15th VIGEX International Salon of Photography

2008-02-20 — posted by at 03:52

The VIGEX International Salon of Photography is to be held in the Geelong Gallery, Little Malop Street, Geelong from 3rd of May- 1st of June 2008.

Neat prizes!

How to Enter: 
Read all the rules and regulations on the entry form. Copies and more information can be obtained on the VIGEX website. 


OH&S & Computers

2008-02-19 — posted by at 23:17

First years, please download this document for your introduction to digital class. [it is a pdf file and quite small only 2 pages & 45kb.]

It is also, a permanent link on the right in the box titled Photo Links of Note. Second years might also want to download it as well.

Group 4 who I am taking on Monday, don’t forget to bring your cameras, and your cables to download your images to computer.

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