Contact Details

2013-02-22 — posted by at 07:49

Hi folks, to make sure you are kept up to date on all class issues, please inform the front office of any changes to your details  especially your email address. Email, the news page, facebook and twitter are how we communicate to you any last minute changes to things like excursions.  So; please keep your information relevant and up to date and check at least your email and one of the other forms of communication daily for updates.

[Update]We are still having problems with some emails bouncing so, you must check the blog as a minimum.


Tuesday Classes

2013-02-17 — posted by at 08:14

We hope you all had a great time on the “Pic Day Out” and look forward to seeing your pictures and hearing your stories from the day. You all have your timetables and know that classes commence at 9:30. A map of the facility will be posted some time on Monday, for all the new students to orient themselves. We’re pumped and excited and looking forward to an exciting full of great pictures and plenty of fun.


Alumni Student Feature

2013-01-23 — posted by at 12:32

One of our former Students Jana, has had her work featured on a prestigious web site, have a look at her poetic and charged images. http://beautifuldecay.com/2013/01/21/jana-mare-in-ruins-of-a-home/


Great Photography Competition

2012-12-13 — posted by at 13:50

Entries are now open in the fifth annual Australia’s Top Emerging Photographers Awards. The awards, which are presented by Capture magazine, aim to encourage and identify amazing up and coming image-makers and promote them in the early stages of their photographic careers. Entrants to the awards have to be photographers with less than four years’ full-time professional shooting experience.

Get involved a great chance to get some recognition and get your work out there.


Applying for 2013 photography studies, want to change your preferences?

2012-12-11 — posted by at 15:37

The VTAC Change of Preference period is now open until midday Monday 24 December. This will be your last chance to change your preferences before offers are made in January. So if you’re reconsidering your preferences, now is the time to get all the information you need to make your decision. It’s not too late to add us as your first preference. Contact us for more information if you need to, on 9804 6341

As VTAC has now closed their application process, we will now take direct applications, contact the college for an interview 9804 6341.


Student Work

2012-11-28 — posted by at 14:29

Our recently graduated student Danile Radke has had some work featured on the online fashion magazine, Fashion Journal. Have a look see what you think?


Uninstallation for 2012 Exhibition

2012-11-07 — posted by at 13:13

Hi, Students are reminded that they MUST collect their own work from the gallery. Students are to arrive no later than 4:00pm to do this.


End Of Year Exhibition Meeting

2012-10-08 — posted by at 13:13

This Thursday at, 12:30 in Studio One there will be a general meeting of ALL STUDENTS from both first and second year.

As the end of year exhibition is rapidly approaching we need to organise a variety of tasks, revolving around the exhibition at Glen Eira Arts Complex.


The exhibition runs from the 31st of October to the 11th of November, 2012. Other important dates and information about the process will be delivered at the meeting on Thursday.

Assessments need to be completed as quickly as possible, both first years and second must have handed all assessable tasks in a soon as possible.

13th~16th November is the Final folio assessment for Second year students; after the end of year exhibition.



Holiday Access

2012-09-20 — posted by at 21:48

Hi everybody, PIC will be open from 10:00am, on the first Tuesday of the term break, Marcus, Irene and Stuart will be on hand to help with any assignments, or other work you want to complete.


PIC student success story

2012-09-09 — posted by at 14:26

Within the Confines–Photographer Jared Beck ventures out to the woods with Tim of Giant Models for our latest exclusive. Finding a relaxed outing in loneliness, great autumn pieces are pulled together that include knits, scarves and other pieces as styled by Renee Traitsis. / Grooming by Bec Shannon.

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