Exciting Photography Job Oppurtunities

2010-10-01 — posted by at 22:00

The Age is offering Exciting Job opportunities, check them out, on my career.com.au


Week 4 for 2nd years.

2010-07-30 — posted by at 05:00

The 4×5 Large Format Workshop is on Tuesday 3rd of August for Grp 5 & Friday 6th for Grp 6 we will be meeting at the Convent in Abbotsford at 11 am.

Wed 4th…… This day @ 11am we are visiting CCP in Fitzroy.
At 12.30 I have scheduled for those interested to meet at Sacred Heart Mission for the centre lunch.

NB. The following week is the WIP on Wednesday 11th (new work.)


Student Photographs in The AGE newspaper

2009-02-06 — posted by at 21:17

A big congratulations to Rikki.

Rikki [currently enrolled in 2nd year] has two images in this weekend’s AGE. One on the front page no less. The other in the sport section. Rikki says it’s all about timing.

“…their Photographer had just left 2 minutes before”

Well done Rikki.

riki's footy photo
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

Wedding Work

A former student is prepared to pay a current student $500.00 to shoot their wedding. All she asks for is either, a disk of images she can make copies from or the negatives themselves, she is prepared to sign model releases to allow you to use them anyway you like. Contact me for further info.


Job For Aspiring Photo Journalists

2009-01-14 — posted by at 07:10

Hope you are all having a good holiday, here’s a job that was e-mailed to me recently.

Leader photographic department requires a photographic assistant based at the Blackburn office.

Duties include:

  • Scanning and uploading photographs
  • Booking advertising photography
  • Liaison with public over general enquiries and photographic sales
  • Co-coordinating photographers around news photography, illness and requests
  • Uploading images for Online and building galleries, including video

Skills include:

  • Competent written and verbal communication
  • High level of computer skills including Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc
  • Skills in Photoshop and library web base systems preferred

Hours are general business hours however some public holidays may be required.

Applicant needs to be energetic, work well under pressure and in a team environment. They must be able to lead with ideas and have a high interest in news.

Salary on application.

Written applications to John French, Picture Editor by 5pm, January 20. 1 Chapel Street, Blackburn, VIC 3130.