Holiday Access

2012-09-20 — posted by at 21:48

Hi everybody, PIC will be open from 10:00am, on the first Tuesday of the term break, Marcus, Irene and Stuart will be on hand to help with any assignments, or other work you want to complete.


All Areas Access

2012-09-05 — posted by at 08:20

Wednesday, the 5th of September, All areas, including the film processing area, the digital darkrooms, wet darkrooms, digital labs and studios will be open.


Digital Printing /Epsons

2011-05-25 — posted by at 07:30

From Thursday onwards there will be booking sheets available for people to book 1 hour blocks on all the Epson printers. These will be on the bench beside each printer. Please show up when you have booked failure to do so within 15 minutes of your chosen time means you relinquish your spot.