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From the Sydney Morning Herald. The exhibition is on in Sydney.

There are 1440 minutes in a day. In these minutes photographers capture a moment.
These moments make up a day which lasts forever.
State Library of NSW, Macquarie Street, Sydney.

3rd July – 1st August 2010. Entry is free.

Sydney Morning Herald Photos 1440 exhibition, July-August 2010
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Camp 2010

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Camp Krusty 2010

If there is enough demand, I will print, out maps beforehand.

The Photos from the 2009 Camp

Here’s some photos from the 2008 camp.

The Camp site is in a place called Tanybryn, about two and a half hours west of Melbourne. Here is a link to a map, that you can download and print out that gives written instructions on how to get there, as well as this map courtesy of google.

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When to get there

We have booked the camp from, 10:00am Monday-10:00am Wednesday.

About the camp

The Tanybryn campsite currently contains 2 buildings, a “rec” room, with pool table, table tennis table, a fireplace, 2 stoves, gas electric and a refrigerator, some couches and chairs, the couches convert to beds, and last but not least a fireplace. Obviously there is electricity, however, there is NO mobile phone reception.

The second building is the “dorm”. This is really 4 rooms with 3 bunk beds in each. Which means the camp sleeps 24 in total, of course people sometimes sleep on floors and as I said some room is available on the floor and couches in the “rec” room. Each room in the dorm block has an on-suite bathroom and toilet.

About Tanybryn & The Otways

Tanybryn is situated in the Otways a sub tropical area of Victoria, this area has HIGH levels of RAINFALL compared to the rest of the state ALL year round. It WILL rain when we are there, at least once per day, probably more. The frequency and quantity of the rain will be the unknown. So bring wet weather gear, as well as solid shoes.

A feature of the area is the waterfalls. Therefore there will be ample opportunity to photograph in these locations. If you have a particular waterfall or feature of the area you wish to photograph, let us know we can all head out together and check it out.

What to bring

Bring the following items

  • Raincoat/Wet weather gear
  • Hat, Sun & Warm.
  • Sunblock cream
  • Sleeping Bag & Blankets
  • Pillow
  • Towel & toiletries
  • Warm clothes
  • Camera gear
    • Camera
    • Tripod
    • Film/Cards
  • A bag of firewood, 1 per car.
  • A Torch
  • NO BOTTLES or GLASS, Aluminum only, what YOU bring in YOU take out.

What we will do while there

We have several activities planned, one a workshop called painting with light. The other, a “hike” and undertake a landscape workshop shoot. Monday night we will be having a trivia night, competition.

Driving Down?

One last note, please be careful driving down, break for a few minutes every hour or so while driving, use the opportunity to make some images while stopping. There is no need to hurry, someone will be there from 10:00am on Monday.

What’s Going on at PIC?

For those of you staying behind this week, the facility is open for you to use to work on your own projects. Several of the staff are staying behind, to help.